Video Quality Monitoring

SMART DVB multiviewer

SMART includes a comprehensive multiviewer. The multiviewer has a set of features dedicated to distribution environments such as the under monitor display of service name (from SDT or manually configured), Teletext or DVB subtitle display, multichannel and surround audio bars. Tile borders show the color representing the alarm category with the highest severity and dynamic layout elements to depict transport stream status or clocks.

Furthermore for sensitive or offending content, parts of the video tile can be masked while still retaining enough visibility to assess that a service is running or not.

The multiviewer layout can be easily constructed using a simple drag-and-drop layout editor. Layouts can be stored for easy reconfiguration. Service allocation to tiles can be done in configuration mode and in run mode.

A special case for service visualization is the Show-view display that can be recalled in the probe GUI in order to zoom in on a particular service selected from the transport stream tree. The Show-display window also allows selecting the audio stream that will be made audible. Showdisplay source can be controlled from the Gateway.

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